(MEXICO)--A man who killed an Illinois sheriff’s deputy almost 40 years ago has pleaded guilty to new charges in Audrain County Missouri.

66-year-old Ronald Edwards was sentenced to seven years in prison after admitting to burglary, attempted theft, possession of burglary tools and property damage. He and another man were accused of stealing an ATM from a Laddonia convenience store on January Third.

The other defendant, 29-year-old Cory Galloway, still faces charges.

Edwards killed a sheriff’s deputy in Springfield Illinois in 1975, but didn't admit to it until 1992.  By then, he was doing hard labor for burglary in Arkansas, and agreed to confess to the deputy’s killing in exchange for being shipped back to Illinois. Edwards was sentenced in 1994 to 40 years behind bars, but was paroled last May.