Today (December 14) is KHMO news director and program director Harold Smith's last day with the station.Harold has accepted a position as news director with a group of radio stations in Branson, MO, and will be terribly missed by all of us at KHMO, KICK-FM, Y-101 and WLIQ.

In addition to hosting Talk Back and The Trading Post, Harold also contributes newscasts on air and online, and calls play-by-play for our locally produced sportscasts. Behind the scenes, he makes sure everything that is supposed to be on the air is on the air, when it should be on the air.

Cathy Smith, account executive at KHMO, said that since Harold had so many responsibilities around the station, members of the sales staff would often approach him with a project by saying, "I know you're busy, but..." Harold eventually said that he thought his nick-name was becoming Busy Butt.

Harold Smith and Cathy Smith (no relation)

Harold has been with KHMO more than once during his career, in addition to holding positions with KPCR in Bowling Green, WBBA in Pittsfield and KDAM in Monroe City. He's also worked in WLDS/WEAI Jacksonville, IL.

Digging through some old photo albums, we found these shots from KHMO's 1991 50th birthday party.

When asked about Harold, account executive Doreen James mentioned how special he is to her. Harold, who is also pastor of his local church in Griggsville, IL, officiated at her wedding last year. To date, Harold has officiated three weddings of staff members, including Doreen and her husband, Les, and the wedding of account executive Nancy Miller and her husband, Dave.

KHMO business manager Teresa Winn also speaks fondly of Harold, "I’m going to miss your steady presence and your amazing humor. Thanks for the late night talks and for just being you!"

Traffic manager Jennifer Fredrick has worked with the station for five-and-a-half years, and always laughs when she recalls her first few months on the job, "I kept calling him Howard. He'd get a call and I would page the building and announce a call for Howard, and everyone else would yell, 'it's Harold!' but I kept doing it. He would very rarely ever correct me, he'd just answer the phone."

We wish Harold the very best with this new and exciting chapter in his life.

Listen to the KHMO staff say goodbye to Harold during the Trading Post