You might think you've seen some big pumpkins, but I guarantee you've never seen one as big as this one. A man in Wheaton, Illinois just blew away a record with his 1,760 pound pumpkin.

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ABC 7 out of Chicago shared the story of Joe Adkins who just broke the Illinois record for biggest pumpkin ever grown. Check out this massive pumpkin that is nearly the size of his house.

The stats behind this pumpkin are incredible. Joe said as it was growing, it would add 40 pound PER DAY. Just don't look at Joe's water bill as this huge gourd was taking in over 150 gallons of water every 24 hours.

Oh, and Joe's not limited to pumpkins either. He also has the biggest squash weighing over 970 pounds.

Joe Adkins record pumpkin was officially weighed by officials at Heap's Giant Pumpkin Farm in Minooka, Illinois on September 24, 2022. The record was confirmed by the Illinois Giant Pumpkin Growers Association.

Think you'd like to tackle this pumpkin growing record yourself? The Illinois Giant Pumpkin Growers Association has seeds you can buy. Just make sure you're willing to give it the seeds the tender loving care that Joe Adkins does. Oh, and about that water bill...

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