What do you do to celebrate a birthday? If you're like this Midwestern man, you float down the Missouri River in a hollowed-out pumpkin to set a world record.

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I saw The Kansas City Star share the story of Duane Hansen. He's a Nebraska man who was about to turn 60 years old. Duane made up his mind that he would float down the Missouri River in a hollowed-out pumpkin without standing up and that's exactly what he did.

38 miles later, Duane Hansen was a Guinness Book of World Records holder. The previous record was just over 25 miles, so Duane broke it with no trouble at all. Duane's hometown of Bellevue, Nebraska celebrated his feat on their Facebook page this weekend.

Duane Hansen's unexpected world record this past weekend just proves that not all heroes wear capes. Some ride down rivers in pumpkins.

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