Turnovers. Four interceptions and a lost fumble gave Georgia a 34-0 win over Missouri. 

This is not the time to panic, it is time to be concerned.

I’m of the belief that turnovers are worth about a touchdown—give or take a little. Take 6 points away from the offense that lost the ball and give it to defensive team. Mizzou’s five turnovers put the defense under the gun. Georgia managed only 379 yards on 87 snaps. That isn’t bad, but defending a short field and another 20 or so plays will take a toll on any defense.

The challenge for Coach Gary Pinkel and staff is to address quarterback Maty Mauk’s four interceptions and the related problems. We also forget that Mauk is a first year starter. James Franklin had a similar bad game at Kansas State as a first year starter. Chase Daniel, Brad Smith and Corby Jones all had similar bad afternoons early in their careers.

The only difference is that little was expected of those editions of the Missouri Tigers. In Jones’ first year as a starter, getting near the .500 mark was considered success. Getting any bowl bid was the benchmark of a successful season in Smith’s first year and also in Daniel’s first year as a starter.