The City of Quincy is in line to receive a $1 Million grant from the Federal government if the airport reaches 10,000 revenue passengers by the close of business on December 31.  As of the end of November there were 9014 revenue passengers so 986 are needed for the grant to become a reality.


Revenue passengers are people who actually have paid for the boarding and does not include Cape Air employees who maybe flying to and from work each day.  Cape Air is doing their part in trying to make this happen with a reduced fare of $39 each way to St.Louis and Quincy.  You can’t drive to the Gateway City for less than that.

The reduced fare has led to a record boarding total of 997 people in October and 979 in November.  So, get your friends together and fly to St. Louis for the day. Take the train from the airport to downtown St. Louis and enjoy a day long getaway.

So if there is an opportunity to go to St. Louis this month, please consider flying there so the City will be able to get the $1-million grant just waiting for them to collect. Our friends at Destination Travel can help with schedules and details at 223-8747.