There's a supplement that was shipped by a Missouri company to numerous stores and even convenience stores. Now, there's an urgent recall of those bottles as the FDA has discovered an unapproved ingredient that has been connected to 'life-threatening events'.

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The Food and Drug Administration just issued a bulletin from Kansas City, Missouri from a company called Neptune Resources. They are responsible for a supplement that's reportedly being marketed as a weight-loss thing that contains an ingredient that has NOT been approved for use in the United States. The ingredient is tianeptine which the FDA says includes "a reasonable probability of life-threatening events including suicidal ideation or behavior for children, adolescents, and young adults 25 and younger". It's called Neptune's Fix Elixir and it has been readily available at many Missouri gas stations and stores.

WFAA via YouTube
WFAA via YouTube

The FDA adds that there are other dire side effects where those that intake this elixir could "unintentionally overdose and experience serious and potentially life-threatening risks including confusion, seizures, drowsiness, dry mouth, and shortness of breath, which may be exacerbated by alcohol use".

It's also reportedly highly addictive and mirrors behavior similar to opioids with some users claiming it quickly became a $150 a day habit.

If you find that you or someone you know has these recalled products from Kansas City, Missouri, you should either return them to where you bought them for a refund or just dispose of them.

According to the FDA bulletin from Kansas City, no injuries, sicknesses or deaths have been connected to the product yet which is great news.

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