This $80 million mansion has is a step back in time and is covered in glass windows.

Located in Branson West, Missouri and overlooks Table Rock Lake. At first glance you would think that this is a hotel, but nope this is a home that was built in 1990 by Robert Plaster, founder and former chief executive officer of Empire Gas. The home is an enormous five level, 25,000 square foot glass home. In addition to the 20+-car garage (which is 8,000 square feet), the house has four offices, 12 guest suites, 2 master bedroom suites, a helicopter landing pad (cause why not), and a shooting range.

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It really looks like a hotel with themed rooms, multiple kitchens, views of the surrounding lake throughout the house, and not one but two-time capsules. One to be opened on September 3, 2042 and the second to be opened on September 3, 2092. You just have to wonder what's in these capsules? If hey builder spent this much money on the house, what the heck are in those time capsules.

With all that money, you would think that they would do some sort of updating (especially the décor) throughout the home. It looks like a hotel and a step back in time with the 1980's décor. It's like they built the home and decorated it and never moved in and just left it. I would never think to make a home like this with glass windows all over it, but when you have THAT much money, I guess you can do whatever the heck you want.

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