If you'd like to meet E.T., you need to spend more quality time in Illinois based on a recent ranking of UFO sightings across America.

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This declaration of Illinois as a hotbed of UFO sightings isn't just someone's opinion. This is science based on the number of reports submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center. Their database records the number of people that see strange sights in the sky and the number crunchers at Stacker added them up.

How high is Illinois on the list? Stacker ranked the Land of Lincoln at #9 among the states with the most UFO reports with a whopping 2,758 E.T. sightings in Illinois over the years.

This is one of the reasons why Illinois was the location for one of the more famous episodes of UFO Hunters when they documented the mass sighting near Tinley Park, Illinois.

Missouri also ranked fairly high on the Stacker UFO list with 1,870 reports. The famous UFO crash near Cape Girardeau 6 years before Roswell made Missouri notorious for little green men in flying saucers.

With so many sightings in both Illinois and Missouri, you have to question the motives of whatever is creating this UFO phenomenon.

If you look at the ever-increasing number of UFO reports, you have to wonder if this is due to the large number of cameras on phones we have now where documenting weird happenings is relatively easy.

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