When you're a young kangaroo, you only have a few options for transportation and they're all your mother as a new video from an Illinois zoo shows.

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One of our favorite zoos is the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. They're always sharing fun animal moments and in this case it's a joey who's growing, but still choosing to ride along with mom in her pouch.

The Brookfield Zoo has an adoption program (no, you're not taking the kangaroo home) where you can donate to support the care of the animal. The levels range from "friend" at $35 to $2,000 for "champion". Side note: I'd consider someone a champion that gave me that kind of money, too. Just kidding. Sort of.

We don't see many western kangaroos in our part of the world, so it's nice that Brookfield has a habitat where you can see them doing kangaroo things.

Make sure you follow Brookfield Zoo on Facebook for frequent fun video moments like this one.

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