I’ve been on the Do Not Call list since not long after its inception.  My phone is there to communicate with friends, relatives, co-workers and organizations with which I have initiated a business relationship.
When I’m in the house during the day, there is a better than even chance that I’m sleeping—especially during basketball season and during the Prospect League baseball season.
It strains my intellect to comprehend how someone calling me out of the blue expects to get me be interested in spending money with them after they willfully interrupted a good nap.
I figure that by being on that list, I’m saving money for those companies that  market by telephone.
We’re in another election year, but political entities aren’t subject to obeying those lists which is too bad. In my case, a politically related phone call is wasted time and effort.  My mind is already largely made up as to how I’m voting in November, so calling me is wasted effort and a waste of a contributor money and volunteer time.