If you don't mind being a little daring, there's a hike you can do in Illinois that will take you across one of the most scenic structures in the state. It's a 90 foot stone bridge and there are no railings to hold onto.

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The Pomona Natural Bridge Trail is located in southern Illinois in the Shawnee National Forest and it's a gorgeous journey. The beauty of it is the trail itself is easily accessible and only involves a short hike of less than a half mile. But, part of that hike includes a natural span unlike any other you'll see. 90 feet of rock elevated over the forest.

It's worth mentioning that the official state website for the Pomona Natural Bridge Trail offers some words of caution. Even though it's not a long hike, it is rated as a moderate trail due to some steep inclines. The state also warns that there are many venomous snakes that call this part of the Illinois woods home, so you have to be careful where you step. There's also a healthy amount of poison ivy with the amount depending on what time of year you visit.

Is it worth the trouble? You bet it is. All Trails ranks this as one of the best hikes you can make in Illinois with a nearly perfect 4.5 stars out of 5 rating by those that have visited. Just make sure to be careful on that bridge if you do this hike. There's no safety net to catch you if you slip and fall.

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