When Major League Baseball returns it will certainly not look the same as it did before. Oh, the game itself won't change, but it seems like everything attached to it will look different. Last week details were revealed about the new look possibly coming to the game and it has a strange look to what we all did as little league players.

One of the possible changes is that players will be arriving at the ballpark already in uniform meaning they will get dressed at home just as we all did playing in the Little League.  That also means that they will go home that way too meaning no showering after the game at the stadium.

Those are just a couple of the possible planned changes. Listed below are others that I have to admit had me scratching my head.

1. No more spitting will be allowed.

2. No more tossing the ball around the infield after an out. 

3. No more up close conversations with the first or third base coaches.

4. No sitting close to each other in Bullpens or dugouts.

5. With no fans, players will be allowed to sit in the stands behind the dugout.

6. The ball will be tossed out after multiple touches by players.

This my friends is not what I call America's pastime as I think it should be.  What are your thoughts?

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