Almost nothing has gone right for the Toronto Blue Jays in this young season, but this certainly did.

After walking in the seventh inning, Chris Coghlan raced around the bases on Kevin Pillar's triple, scoring by flipping over Cardinals' catcher Yadier Molina, in a play that looked more like something out of a circus than a baseball game.

"I was coming around third and I looked to my left to see where the ball was and I saw it was going to beat me and probably the last step or two I saw Yadi go down. You're first thought is, 'OK, I'm going to run him over cause he's right over the plate.' And then I was thinking, 'Since he's down, why don't you jump?'"

Why don't you, indeed?

It turned out to be a crucial run, too, since the Blue Jays squeezed out a 6-5 win in 11 innings, to push their record to 6-14.

Take another look and marvel at the play.

Chris Coghlan
Getty Images

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