There's bad news about a St. Louis County restaurant favorite, but maybe this storm cloud will have a silver lining after all.

KMOV in St. Louis is reporting that The Cheesecake Factory will be closing on August 18. Sadly, they say that more than 100 employees will be affected by the closure of a location that was a favorite for decades.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

As we shared months ago, this isn't totally unexpected as the Chesterfield Mall is set to be demolished and redeveloped in 2025.

So when does the good news begin?

The St. Louis Business Journal is reporting that the Cheesecake Factory may not be gone for good. They say there is a new downtown Chesterfield project upwards of $2 billion dollars that might have the Cheesecake Factory as a part of its plan.

Time will tell if one of the favorite stops of those who traveled to and through Chesterfield, Missouri to shop will have a rebirth. That good news is sadly just speculation at this point while the bad news is the almost immediate reality that August 18 will be the final day for a cheesecake favorite and those that work there.

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