So, the St. Louis Cardinals join the trend toward alternate uniforms in baseball. I’m not a big fan of messing with traditional things in baseball, but the Cardinals got this one right.

I like the look. It does have roots in Cardinal history and previous uniforms. The birds on the bat logo has been there in one form or another since 1922.  Based what I’ve found on The Baseball Hall of Fame’s Dressed To The Nines website, red piping was on the uniforms from 1936 through 1955. The Birds on The Bat disappeared in 1956 during Frank Lane’s reign of error as Cardinals GM and re-appeared with the current look and font used in the birds on the bat logo in 1957.  Uniform numbers first appeared on the front of the shirt in 1962.

I never really liked the blue road uniforms worn from 1976 through 1984. Home uniforms are white. Road uniforms are gray. Looks like the Cardinals are also going back to the red hats for road games too. That was the look from ’65 through ’92.

It’s still the best uniform in sports. Part of the reason for that is that it doesn’t change.

The other great uniforms in baseball don't change either. The New York Yankees uniform is essentially unchanged since 1936. The Old English D first appeared on Detroit Tiger home uniforms 1921. The Tiger home uniform hasn’t changed since 1934 except for 1960 when the home jersey featured a scripted Tigers similar to the current road scripting.

The Boston Red Sox current look first appeared in 1933.

The iconic Dodgers script appeared first in 1938. The red number on the front appeared in 1952.

I also like the Kansas City Royals home uniforms. Virtually unchanged since they came into the American League in 1969.  The scripting is also very similar to the Montreal Royals of the 1940’s.
Those are the best uniforms in baseball.

The worst uniform in baseball history? Easy.  The '72 and ’73 Padres. Mustard yellow home and road with brown lettering and trim. Ugh.