A survey on stadium cleanliness was done of all Major League Ballparks. The UFE (Urine/Feces Everywhere) Team, an organization I have never heard of before, visited all 30 Major League Baseball parks to grade each one on cleanliness standards. The UFE Team studied the restrooms, facilities, vendors, and fans, using over 79 different criteria and they rated all 30 Major League Baseball parks. Of all 30 stadiums, the best rating belonged to Busch Stadium in St. Louis. The stadium with the worst rating was Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Jamie Squire , Getty Images

According to the UFE Team, Busch Stadium was the only park in the survey to get an “A” rating and got a grade of 91.  The survey showed ninety nine percent of the women washed their hands in the restroom, and eighty-eight percent of the men did likewise when it came to restroom hygiene.

After compiling all of the data that the UFE team gathered from several months of research, Wrigley Field in Chicago finished with the worst grade and rating finishing with a grade of 47 and got an “F” rating.

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The main issue that really Wrigley Field was the troughs used in the men’s room where basically some 30 men can urinate at the same time leaving 30 men to wash their hands at once. That is not going to happen and it didn’t according to the survey.  Only 79% of men washed their hands and 8% of the women failed to wash their hands as well. Given this information, the amount of individuals who have potentially harmful bacteria on their hands is very high.

The fans are not the only culprits in this study however. Out of all 30 MLB stadiums, the staff at Wrigley ranked very poor as well. There were many times that a vendor (both mobile and stationary) lacked appropriate handling gloves whiles serving food and beverage. These vendors would take money from fans, and then take that same hand to pass them their food or drink which of course is not good.

Whether it a stadium with an “A” rating or an “F” rating, hand sanitizer is definitely something you will need to bring to the ballpark. You go to the games to have fun not get sick.