I am not a fan of a couple things involving the current set up for Major League Baseball’s All Star Game.  

First of all, I do not like the current voting format. The current system echoes the infamous “vote early, vote often” accusations targeted at Chicago, parts of St. Louis, and Miami Florida.   Leave the vote with the fans. Solution? One vote per device.

I also do not like the idea of one game deciding home field advantage in baseball.  Baseball needs to determine World Series home field advantage on the field over the course of the season. Here’s how I think World Series home field advantage should be decided.

1-Best record head to head in interleague play if both World Series participants met in regular season play.
2-Best overall record in interleague play by World Series participants.
3-Best record by the entire league in interleague play.

I also advocate putting some teeth into home field advantage prior to the World Series. The great thing about baseball is that the long, 162 game determines conclusively who has the best team.  Winning a division over the course of a full season should count for a lot. With that in mind, here are two changes…

--Wild card teams should not get a home game until game five of the Division Series.
--Wild card teams could only host games five and six of the League Championship Series.

If the wild card can get through that, I’m OK with the above method of deciding World Series home field advantage.

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