I was reading an article in Entertainment Weekly last week about the movie "World War Z" starring Brad Pitt. In the article it is mentioned that Paramount Studios and Regal Cinemas announced a $50 Mega ticket for this movie.

A Mega Ticket will get you a movie pass plus a whole grab bag of extras including a poster, 3-D glasses, popcorn, a digital download of the film and an early screening opportunity.

My how times have changed. I remember going to the movies with $2 in my pocket and that enabled me to watch the movie and buy either candy, popcorn or a drink. Those days are gone. Pretty soon we will be looking at $100 movie passes.

Is this gonna kill the movie theatre business or enhance it?  I can only imagine what a $100 pass will get you.  A recliner and a steak dinner?  Where is it all going?  All questions that I have no answers for.  Time will let us know.