I can't recall a time where so many meteors have been seen over the tri-state area in such a short amount of time. Yet another fireball has lit up skies over Missouri, Iowa and Illinois as new video shows.

This meteor event happened a couple days ago on October 23. As of right now, there are 56 reports through the American Meteor Society website. Their report includes two videos that have been captured so far of the event. One of the most brilliant flashes came from Decorah, Iowa from the eagle camera Raptor Research Project there.

I believe this video was captured by Dan & Deb Shaw and shared with the AMS.

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This new meteor report would make the 4th or 5th we've shared in October so far. We shared a fireball over Illinois around the beginning of the month and another just a few days ago. As we mentioned then, we are in the middle of the Orionids along with the Southern and Northern Taurids meteor showers so a high amount of objects burning up in our skies isn't that unexpected.

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