Let's be honest. The news of yet another winter storm is depressing. If you're like me, at this point you're getting desperate to find some way to stay cheerful. Amateur weatherman Frankie MacDonald just might be able to brighten your day. 

Until today, I had never heard of Frankie MacDonald. Then I saw one of his YouTube videos posted to Facebook. I'll be honest, I was laughing all the way through it. I especially loved the warning to make sure and "order your pizzas and order your Chinese food!"

At first I thought it was just some goofy video, but while I was watching it I started to wonder if maybe the guy wasn't acting, and maybe I really shouldn't be laughing at him. After checking out a few more of his videos, I decided to Google Frankie MacDonald. What I found was a much more interesting story than a goofy video could ever be.

Frankie is a 28-year-old autistic man from Nova Scotia. According to CBC News, Frankie loves weather, so he started recording his own weather reports ("My Own TV Station Live in Sydney, Nova Scotia!") which he uploads to YouTube. He's become a bit of an internet sensation. There are over 400 videos on his YouTube channel, over 8,500 people follow him on Twitter and he has nearly as many Facebook friends.

Thousands of people have viewed his weather reports. Several have commented on them... and the comments have not always been kind.

“Some of the people make fun of me on the Internet and it is not a nice thing to do. I have a good heart," he told the Canadian newspaper The Star.

After looking over some of the comments on his videos, I was happy to see that the majority of them are encouraging. Many viewers thank Frankie for his reports; others let him know they appreciate the job he does. It's even better to see that Frankie keeps making videos, and that he doesn't get discouraged by hurtful comments of a few internet jerks. We could probably all learn a lot from Frankie.

Frankie MacDonald obviously enjoys making the reports, he's not hurting anybody, and it looks like most of his viewers find a certain amount of charm in his videos. I hope he keeps making them.