Not that the average criminal is sharp enough to get it, but here goes with suggestions  based covering police and court matters over the last 20 or so years.
If you’re driving….
Headlights & tail lights. Make sure they’re all working.  Police are very observant and they want to be helpful. They won’t hesitate to pull you over to let you know that a headlight or tail light or brake light is burned out.   Don’t forget about the light for the license plate. Most of those lights don’t cost much either.
A valid registration sticker on the license plates helps keep police officers disinterested.
If you’re on foot…
Running away is generally counterproductive. The phrase “apprehended after a short foot pursuit” often turns up in media releases from law enforcement agencies. In fact, that phrase turns up so often that it's a source of amusement for the newsroom here at KHMO. The vast majority of police and deputies are in better shape than you are.  Some of them are very accomplished distance runners.  If a K-9 unit is around, it may be time for a game of “fetch”---with your leg.  The dog is definitely faster than you are.
Wearing those baggy pants down below the waist isn’t helpful.  When you’re running, they tend to slide down, allowing the waist and belt to perform an unassisted tackle any linebacker would be proud of.  Attempting to hold them up slows you down and makes the short foot pursuit even shorter.