Local law enforcement including the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Quincy Police Department and the City of Quincy have met and discussed the Governor’s stay-at-home order.

It is important to reiterate that most daily functions will continue without disruption. Groceries stores, restaurants, and other food services will remain open. You will still be able to buy food, see the doctor, and get your required medications. Electric, water, and other utilities will continue to be provided. You can still go outside and take a walk. Please do not allow fear and panic to control your thoughts or actions. This is not a “shut-down” or a “lock-down”. These steps are designed to help prevent the spread of this disease by physical distancing.

We are confident that our community and our citizens will rise to this challenge, will abide by the order of the Governor and will recognize the importance of self-regulation.

While it is impossible to anticipate every scenario, your local police officers and sheriff’s deputies will exercise reason and judgement in this area, as they do every day when protecting the public, keeping our community safe, and enforcing our laws.

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