(Palmyra, Mo)—The tale of stale Hostess Twinkies gets sweeter all the time, even after the pastry’s expiration date. 

When KHMO General Manager Ed Foxall put the package of Twinkies on Bids for Bargains last month, it began as a joke, but listeners responded when it turned out the money would be donated to Leaps of Love, an organization helping families dealing with childhood cancer. 


Karl McElwee of Palmyra won the Twinkies with a bid of $100:

I just did it because it wasn't bringing much at the station, and I was just waiting for a benefit to come up.

McElwee tells what is next on the Twinkies’ itinerary:

Mike Litteken from Palmyra has cancer and I hope the Twinkies will bring more at the Benefit than I paid for them.

The Litteken cancer benefit auction takes place at the Palmyra American Legion January 19th; for more information or to make a donation, contact Carol Redd before 4 p.m. at 573-231-2926.

KHMO's Ed Foxall with Karl McElwee