In channel surfing over the weekend, I discovered a show on TLC called, "Long Island Medium." This is a reality show about a housewife who has gift for communicating to people from "the other side." She will give private readings, or group readings to those who want to know about their departed love one. Sometimes, she will be out trying to live a normal life and will cross paths with someone who she senses has lost someone and introduces herself.

I have heard people say that, without a doubt, anyone who professes to talk to the dead is a fraud. Period. That it can't be done, it's all fake, etc.

I understand that, especially in a reality show setting, it would be easy to set everything up, to make it look real. I also understand that God has given us all gifts that we are supposed to use to His honor and glory.

I guess I'm saying that, if Long Island Medium is fake, she's doin' a helluva job making it look real. But, who's to say that that sort of thing is impossible. Not me.

BTW, while I was watching TLC, I resisted the temptation to watch Toddlers and Tiaras -- or, as I would subtitle it -- Jon Benet Who?