Have you ever wanted to climb a waterfall? No? What if it were frozen? That really is a possibility in one Illinois park this time of year.

The state park I'm referring to is Starved Rock. Here's what a video share had to say about this winter wonderland:

We follow four friends who attempt to conquer "The Wildcat Canyon" at Starved Rock State Park.

Gravity is my friend, so I doubt I'm gonna be attempting this. However, even for someone like me, these frozen waterfalls really are something to behold.

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These guys were climbing Wildcat Canyon, but Starved Rock Country mentions 2 others which are worth considering if you don't mind a mild case of vertigo. The recommend LaSalle Canyon which isn't quite as challenging and Ottawa Canyon which they say is the first to freeze when winter comes around.

Think you're up to something like this? Starved Rock Country mentions there are rules to follow. Number one is you can't climb alone. You also aren't allowed to climb after dark. You're also not allowed to use any climbing equipment that might damage the sandstone in the park.

It's also worth noting that THIS IS DANGEROUS. Even if you consider yourself an experienced climber, you can be seriously injured or die. Due to the fact that ice is obviously fragile and always changing, you're never climbing the same surface twice. Yes, it's beautiful to look at, but it's also a hazardous hobby/sport.

If nothing else, a hike to observe these gorgeous waterfalls is worth the effort even if your feet remain firmly planted on the ground like mine.

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