Are you up for a weekend trip? If so, I have an idea in the Ozarks where one hike will take you by 6 sweet waterfalls and they're not hard to reach at all.

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This Ozarks hike will take you across the Arkansas border a bit, but boy is it worth it. A YouTuber recently made this hike and shared the experience. Here's a snippet telling the backstory:

Deep in the hills and hollers of the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas is a beautiful little road that leads down to Richland Creek named Falling Water Road. Falling Water Road is access to several amazing waterfalls and in this video we will show you several of the sights you can see on this little section of the forest. The waterfalls we visit in this video are Falling Water Falls, Horsetail Falls, Six Finger Falls, Intersection Falls, Fuzzybutt Falls, and Keefe Falls.

This couple shows how easy this day hike is.

This map will show you where Falling Water Road is located compared to southern Missouri.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

All Trails lists the drive to Falling Water a scenic drive and it's not hard to figure out why. You can spend up to 7 hours doing this hike if you're really devoted, but as he shows, you can drive to the key points for a more brief experience. When you've got this many beautiful waterfalls as a reward, not hard to get motivated for a road trip deep into the Ozarks for a weekend.

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