The answer to the question "Would the Rams be in the Super Bowl if they stated in St. Louis?" in my opinion it all boils down to one person.

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It is a fascinating question to try and break down "would the Rams be in this Super Bowl if they had stayed in St. Louis" the easy answer is no. No is easy to say because if you watch the NFL you know how hard it is to make a Super Bowl, everything has to go right for you and you have to get lucky once or twice in a season. Here is my best description of breaking it down...

Why they WOULD be in this year's Super Bowl if they hadn't moved to LA - Sean McVay the Rams head coach, that is the simple answer, this is the second time the Rams have made the Super Bowl since leaving St. Louis and both times have been under Sean McVay. If the Rams had stayed in St. Louis and still hired Sean McVay then yes I think there is a strong possibility they would have made the Super Bowl a couple of years ago versus the Patriots, and a smaller but still plausible chance they make it this year versus the Bengals. Also, the Rams had two Super Bowl runs, and a win, long before Sean McVay proving it is possible to go to and win the Super Bowl with a team in St. Louis.

Why they would NOT be in this year's Super Bowl if they hadn't moved to LA - Besides the obvious "it's hard to make a Super Bowl" even if the Rams had Sean McVay in St. Louis the current Rams team that is in this year's game really is built off of star power and that is way more LA than STL. Would the Rams have gone all in for Matt Stafford, traded for Ramsey, traded for Von Miller, traded for Odell Beckham Jr. if they were still in St. Louis? The answer is most likely not, the reason those moves were made was to keep up with the star power of being in LA and building your brand in LA, getting stars and free agents to choose St. Louis over LA, even if you're winning, is really hard.

Overall I think this current Rams team would not have had a chance to come together if the team had stayed in St. Louis, so the answer is most likely no to the main question, but Sean McVay certainly would have given them the chance even if they were still in St. Louis. On a side note, could the NFL please bring football back to the STL!

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