Hope for the best while you prepare for the worst. That would be a good phrase to keep in mind Monday as most of Wisconsin faces the potential for a widespread damaging wind event based on computer models just shared.

This warning of a damaging weather Monday for Wisconsin comes directly from the NOAA Storm Prediction Center. This is their risk map for wind damage beginning later Monday.

NOAA Storm Prediction Center
NOAA Storm Prediction Center

The discussion from the Storm Prediction Center includes a lot of very technical things, but they use the phrase "volatile air mass" in relation to supercell development that is expected to develop in Minnesota and path through most of Wisconsin. I asked my wife for a breakdown in layman's terms (meaning simple minds like my own) and she said it is possible that a derecho-level wind event could impact Wisconsin.

She said the wind speeds could reach up to near 75 mph gusts meaning the state could be dealing with straight-line winds of almost category 1 hurricane power. "No" and "thanks" is what I have to say to that weather offer.

This would be a good day to be mentally prepared for actual storm warnings later today. Best case scenario is this weather system does not develop into something explosive like the Storm Prediction Center thinks it might, but best to prepare for the worst just in case.

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