If you live in Wisconsin, your mailbox needs some attention right now. That's the word from the United States Postal Service that just shared a bulletin about the urgency of this matter.

I should reveal that my dad was a postal worker for more than 30 years during his life. He began as a carrier and eventually worked his way up to window clerk before he retired. My point is that the US postal service is near and dear to my heart. That's why it caught my attention when I saw this bulletin from the United States Postmaster.

Here's why the USPS says your Wisconsin mailbox needs you. It's Mailbox Improvement Week. (Really) While the urgency of this might inspire a chuckle, it really is a necessary thing for the sake of your carrier. The idea is to make sure your mailbox is safe and easily accessible. You need to make sure that there's no vegetation blocking it or making it difficult to reach (especially important for rural carriers). It's also vital to confirm there are no dangerous sharp edges or loose hinges that could injure a carrier. Postal carrier injuries really do happen more than you'd think.

No, it's not really important that you drop whatever you're doing and go stare at your mailbox, but I guarantee that your carrier will appreciate if you make sure it's safe for him or her to deliver your mail to.

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