Illinois is "The Land of Lincoln" but not even honest Abe Lincoln was born in Illinois, will there be another President who hails from the Praire State?

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So let me start by saying this question is nearly impossible to answer, there have only been 46 people who have ever been President of the United States and so it is a reallllyyyy hard job to get.

Illinois has only ever had one president who can claim the fact that they were born in Illinois and that was President Ronald Reagan (not a bad one to have from Illinois if you're going to only have one, no offense to Iowa and Herber Hoover...) according to there are 13 states that only have one President (the list includes big states like Illinois, California, and Georgia, but also small states like Hawaii, and Connecticut), North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Vermont all have 2, while Massachusettes has 4, New York 5, Ohio 7, and Virginia 8.

There are plenty of states that have never had a President, and so Illinois should feel lucky to be on that list, especially because Ronald Reagan wasn't from Chicago, he was from tiny Tampico, IL (ya I've never heard of it either). In fact, one of the main things the 46 men who have been President have in common is that MOST of them are from places you've never heard (the rare exceptions are Trump and Teddy Roosevelt from NYC, Obama from Honolulu, and Taft from Cincinnati).

So back to the question "Will there ever be another President from Illinois?" my guess is yes, Illinois is the 6th most populated state in the country and so that alone gives us better chances. Is there a politician out there now that could be the next one? I'm not sure but I personally think that Illinois is a good state to grow up in to understand America as a whole. Think about it, Illinois has a major world-class city, a giant agricultural industry, diverse terrain from the North to the South, and it is the heart of the Midwest. Ronald Regan embodied a lot of those things and so who knows, maybe the next Regan is out there now in a classroom somewhere in a small town or big city in the Land of Lincoln.

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