Chad Hatton, who has worked for Hannibal Parks & Recreation for 17 years, loves the look of the wildflowers in Riverview Park.

He helped plant five areas of wildflowers in the park in the beginning of April. The areas range in size from 20 by 40 feet to 40 by 80 feet.

The wildflowers will be blooming all summer long because there is a mixture of flowers. The two areas at the beginning of the park, across the road from the filter plant, have rope fences around them.

Hatton said the flowers have many advantages. “They’re pretty and they’re low-maintenance,” he said.

The wildflower planting will continue in the fall. A batch across the road from the Mark Twain statue will be cleaned up and re-planted. It had been a wildflower batch years ago. “It brings beauty to the park,” Hatton said.