Being a working Mom can be extremely difficult, especially through the pandemic, but according to a ranking put together, there are some states that make life easier for working moms than others. So which state is better for working moms, Missouri or Illinois?

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According to, Illinois ranks significantly higher on the list of the Best States for Working Moms than Missouri. Illinois ranks just outside the top 10 at 13th place while the Show-Me State of Missouri ranks all the way down in 34th position. On the site WalletHub says...

"Women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, and nearly 68% of moms with children under age 18 were working in 2021...In order to help ease the burden on an underappreciated segment of the population, WalletHub compared state dynamics across 17 key metrics to identify the Best & Worst States for Working Moms."

There are 3 main factors these 17 key metrics were broken down into they are Child Care, Professional Opportunities, and Work-Life Balance. Illinois ranks 2nd place in the country for Child Care for working moms but struggles with a 33rd ranking for Professional opportunities. Meanwhile, Missouri's best ranking is 27th in the country for Professional opportunities, but Missouri does also rank 40th in the country for Work-Life Balance.

So which states are the best for working moms overall? Well, Massachussettes come in 1st followed by Connecticut, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, while the bottom of the list features Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina. To see the entire list for yourself just click here! 

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