If you haven't been to the St. Louis Zoo recently, the grizzly enclosure is one of the most fun parts of the place. If you don't believe me, watch this jumping party that the bears just had with a group of children.

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Marie Denton shared this video to her Facebook page from their group's April 19 trip to the St. Louis Zoo. According to her description, this went on for around 5 minutes. PRO TIP: watch this video while also listening to the song "Jump Around" and it gets even better. I've included it below also as a courtesy.

These two fun grizzlies joined the St. Louis Zoo from Bozeman a few years ago. Visitors voted for the male grizzly to be named "Huckleberry" while the female is "Findley". They make Grizzly Ridge in the St. Louis Zoo a must-visit next time you're in the big city. Just be prepared to jump when they make their appearance.

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