It's been said that it's hard to catch lightning in a bottle. That's not true if you're in Peoria, Illinois apparently as a new video shows a bolt completely lighting up an innocent tree.

The person who recorded the video had apparently been trying to get a pic like this for some time. Here's what they said about this moment that was truly electric:

I always try to catch pictures of lightning but it dawned on me today I should leave my Ring doorbell recording live. I heard a lot of lightning close by but didn't expect to catch it THAT close and within the first 3 minutes of recording.

This big bolt was a part of the storms that traveled across Illinois earlier this week.

BOOM. I would say that no squirrels were harmed in the making of this video, but in this case it might sadly be true.

Here are a couple of pro-tips on how to get a lightning pic yourself. NOTE: DO NOT go outside for the sake of a lightning pic. You could seriously die. Let these apps do the work for you.

The apps work most of the time. My wife is a meteorologist and certified weather nerd and has tried both I think.

As for the Peoria tree, all I can say is that lightning bolt likely left a mark. If a squirrel somehow received super-powers as a result of this strike, I would love video of that, too.

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