After seeing this kind gesture, there might be hope for us yet. A video shows a kind kid at the Cubs game last night who showed incredible kindness to a young girl who was crying.

Here's the backstory as shared by the announcers at the Cubs/Phillies game Wednesday night. A foul ball had gone into the stands beyond the 3rd base line. A young kid caught it not knowing that a young girl to his left had tried to get the ball, too. When he realized she was upset for not grabbing it, he did something incredibly sweet. Watch.

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I have been fortunate to catch a foul ball at a Cardinals game many years ago. It's rare and only happens maybe once in a lifetime. For this young guy to selflessly give away his souvenir should be celebrated. You can tell that his dad was very proud of him and he should be. This is the kindness the world needs more of. Well done, young man.

As ESPN reported, the Cubs ended up losing the game Wednesday night on a wild passed ball play in the 9th inning. However, we all win when you see kids doing great stuff like what that boy did for the girl. Bravo.

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