Harrison Bader wants to say goodbye. In a written and video tribute, he explains what playing in front of St. Louis Cardinals fans was like and what he'd like fans to remember about him.

From Day One, everything about this place was magical to me.

Harrison Bader wrote this article himself for The Player's Tribune. It's a poignant look back at his 6 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals and what he enjoyed the most about his time with the team. It was accompanied by a video that was shared to Facebook today, too.

Harrison Bader - "From Day One, everything about this place was magical to me."

Harrison chronicled his time with the Cardinals and explained that the reason everyone saw him smile so much was due to the fact that he was playing off the energy and responding to the fans. It was always about the fans.

He also wanted to take back a comment he made years ago about how there is love, but also hate in St. Louis. He clarified that he really meant it was a "justified expectation" and he understood the responsibility that went with putting on the uniform with the birds on the bat.

Harrison Bader will likely see action with the New York Yankees before the end of this season as he continues to heal from foot and leg issues. He said that no matter what uniform he wears, he'll always smile when he thinks of the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans. That was his way of saying goodbye.

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