You're enjoying the baseball game. You have a tasty refreshment sitting on the wall behind the catcher. What could possibly go wrong? For one Springfield Cardinals fan, he can answer that question thanks to a well-placed foul ball.

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I saw this fun new share on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. It's called "good ole boys don't get upset by nothin" and that's accurate. This dude behind home plate barely blinks when a foul ball nails his beer and he gets a free bath.

To quote Homer Simpson, "DOH!". To add insult to injury, his beer was sitting on the wall advertising Bud Light. Double "DOH!".

My favorite Reddit comment so far is this one:

MeanderingMarley - "That's taking Foam Finger Day to a whole different level."

So true. At least the netting kept the guy from getting the foul ball off his jaw. If I were him, I'd make extra sure I had a designated driver for the trip home. That smell is gonna be hard to explain if he's in the driver's seat.

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