About a month ago I wrote a blog about outdoor drive-in theaters that are having a hard time making it. Some have already closed, from what I understand, but all is not lost! Honda is sponsoring Project Drive-in, to help raise money for equipment upgrades at drive-in theaters, and the Clark 54 Drive-in is one of the facilities that could win!

The Clark 54 Drive-in at Summer Hill, Illinois has seen brisk business. I know many people in that area and people are going and having fun, but it is still not sure if the drive-in will be back next year.

The Honda car company is helping to raise funds so drive-ins can purchase newer equipment and stay in business. You can vote online for the Clark 54 Drive-in to receive funding from Honda. We hope that you will take a second and vote for our local drive-in, and this weekend, grab the kids and have some outdoor fun. You will want to go back!