When I was dating my wife nearly 20 years ago, I made an off-hand mention that Brad Pitt was also a Missourian. She wasn't impressed, but kept me anyway. Now, I have video proof of Brad's days in Missouri as he was singing and dancing in a Mizzou performance.

If you are new to this area and think I'm making up Brad Pitt's Missouri background, Wikipedia and other sites back me up. I don't even remember how I first came across this, but here's how the person on YouTube described what you're about to witness:

Brad Pitt plays the Beaver in a Leave it to Beaver, and his house (the Sigma Chi's) won! In addition Mark Fauser gave Brad the Best Actor Award for his performance

Brad's singing and dancing part begins around 9 minutes in.

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Funny story. On Actor's Studio back in 2012, Brad described his time in Missouri like this:

Pitt has described Springfield as "Mark Twain country, Jesse James country," having grown up with "a lot of hills, a lot of lakes.

Sounds about right.

As you might imagine, YouTube is now full of ladies saying things like..."OMG!!! BRAD!!! 😍😁😍 He is cute! 💖💋" (That's an actual quote, btw)

Kudos to Brad as he's proud of his Missouri upbringing. He shared a message for Missouri State graduates not that long ago that Entertainment Tonight shared.

Now back to explaining to my wife why I haven't made my Brad Pitt transformation yet.

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