This YouTube video claims to have found the absolute best sandwich in the Show-Me State of Missouri, and after watching the video let's just say our mouths are watering...

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This video was posted to YouTube by Mashed, a food expert channel that has over 1 Million subscribers, the video goes quickly through each state and shows what they have determined to be the best sandwich in each state. If you want to watch the part specifically on Missouri you have to go to the 10 minutes 44 second mark of the video.

In Missouri, the video claims that the Gerber Sandwich which can be found at the legendary Ruma's Deli in St. Louis is the best sandwich in all of Missouri. The video says the sandwich was created in 1973 and is an open-faced sandwich that is famous for its Garlic Butter and St. Louis style cheese.

I wanted to learn more about this sandwich so I went to Ruma's Website and checked out their menu, the menu has the Gerber listed as the first of their sandwiches it is a hot sandwich listed as the Gerber Special, that comes with ham, you can get the Gerber Turkey which is the same sandwich only turkey instead of ham, to see their full menu click here! 

I need to eat this sandwich. It looks absolutely amazing, I personally like the St. Louis style cheese, it's not my favorite but I like it, and so I get that this sandwich won't be for everyone but it certainly feels as though it would be a sandwich I could order over and over again, does that make it the best sandwich in Missouri? I don't know...

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