I've seen houses where that are partially underground but never knew there was a name for that type of architecture.

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A house that is partially underground or has earth against the walls is called an Earth House.

An earth shelter, also called an earth house, earth bermed house, or underground house, is a structure with earth against the walls, on the roof, or that is entirely buried underground

Listed for $450,000 in Centralia, Illinois this Earth House from the late 1980s has so many unique features throughout the home that there is a surprise around every corner. The sides of the house look like they are covered by grass from over the years. You might be able to even do some sledding from the roof of the home as it all connects to the grounds. Seems safe enough.

From the five bedrooms to the gorgeous remodeled kitchen, and large dining room it's such a fun home to look at. The most remarkable thing about this house though it comes with an indoor pool and a fenced yard with a regulation tennis court.

Earth House in Illinois for Sale Has Indoor Pool/Tennis Court

There is also a large noise-isolated playroom and workshop. It's not a small home too it's just over 4,100 square feet and you have to wonder with the ground touching the side of the house how far they had to dig into the ground to build this home.

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