Would you trust the internet to advise you on the best place to live? If you answer yes, there is one community you should call home in Missouri for 2022. After I share some facts, let's see if you're compelled to fill up the moving truck.

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I must confess that I'm skeptical of the internet making my decisions. Frankly, a lot of articles and studies I find are done by people who clearly have never visited the places they're talking about. That being said, I do find the website Niche to be one of the most respected sites for city data and rankings.

What is Niche's #1 best place to live in Missouri? Answer - Richmond Heights, Missouri.

When Niche issues their best places to live each year, they measure a lot of factors including public schools, housing, whether a city is good for families, crime, safety, nightlife and diversity. They awarded Richmond Heights, Missouri an A+ for public schools, being good for families and nightlife. They were also given an A for housing and a B+ for diversity. The only category they got slightly dinged for was crime which considering their a suburb of St. Louis is understandable.

As a non-expert, why do I think Richmond Heights is considered a "best place to live"? I think it's a combination that the crime isn't all that awful and the neighborhoods are nice plus you have all of the St. Louis things to do without being in the middle of the worse crime areas. Would I choose it as my best place? Nope, but I at least understand why they got the nod.

You can check out the complete Niche list of best places to live in Missouri as Clayton, Chesterfield and Brentwood all land near the top, too.

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