It's easy to ignore store codes you hear in Missouri stores. Most are meant for other employees or departments and don't involve you. However, there is one code you need to be aware of. If you hear it, you might need to run as if your life depended on it because it might.

We live in an era where you need to anticipate what would previously have been unthinkable in our part of Missouri. Sadly, events like this have become commonplace and the Show Me State is not immune. Common Cents Mom shared some emergency codes that alert you to trouble.

If you hear "code red", in Missouri retail store codes that generally means there's a fire. "Code black" will normally be followed by severe weather alerts meaning the store is in the path of an incoming storm. If you hear "code blue", be aware that could be a bomb threat.

There's one code above all you never want to hear. If you hear "code brown", head for the nearest exit as quickly as you can safely. This is the code that is now used when a store is alerting you that an active shooter is on the premises.

Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri says that in an active shooter scenario, you should run, hide or even fight in a worst-case scenario. The first and best option is to flee the area if you can do so safely. Hiding can be done if you have something safe to hide inside or behind if you believe the event is between you and the door. Final option is to fight the threat, but only if that is the only option you have remaining.

Here's a good practice no matter what Missouri store you're in. Always have an awareness of where you are in relation to the exit. If you hear a loud popping sound, make a beeline toward that exit as that very well could be the beginning of an active shooter event. Sadly, it's better to know what you would do in a "code brown" scenario before it becomes a life and death situation.

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