A list has come out ranking the best hotels in the USA and the number 1 spot belongs to a hotel in Chicago, but it isn't alone on the list, how much is a night stay at the top spot ya think?

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The website usnews.com has ranked the 25 Best Hotels in the USA and the Land of Lincoln is represented well on the list, claiming the number one spot and another hotel makes the top 10 coming in 8th. The top spot goes to The Peninsula Chicago, it beat out Montage Kapalua Bay in Hawaii to take the top spot, The Peninsula Chicago is a 5-star hotel that has won 6 critic awards and will cost you about $600 a night to stay at (which is way cheaper than the $2100 a night it costs at the place in Hawaii).

The Langham in Chicago is the other hotel that makes the top ten on this list coming in at 8th, it is a 5-star hotel with 5 critic awards and will run you about $500 a night. The rest of the top 25 hotels features many in New York, California, Hawaii, and Florida, in fact, the two in Chicago are the only two from the Midwest in the top 25.

To see the full list for yourself click here!

I know spending $600 a night at a hotel seems ridiculous BUT... I kinda want to do it! Can you imagine what it would be like to stay a night in the best hotel in the country?!? It has to be something incredibly special if it is beating out hotels in Vegas, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. Just one night for a really special occasion like Valentine's Day getaway or a big 40th birthday...or maybe just take that $600 and bok some flights to a beach somewhere, or pay the mortgage.

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