This began as a simple search out of curiosity. It led me down a rabbit hole that resulted in the twisted tale of the many graves of a Missouri witch named Molly Crenshaw.

My first stop on this road leading to a legendary Missouri witch legend began with a fun video about the top 10 urban legends in St. Louis. One of the top ones mentioned involved Molly Crenshaw.

That telling of the Molly Crenshaw legend included this clipping from a St. Charles newspaper over 100 years ago. This was the reported death of a voodoo priestess in the St. Louis area back in the 1800's.

MostAmazingTop10 via YouTube
MostAmazingTop10 via YouTube

The legend claimed that Molly cursed her own grave meaning anyone that touched her grave would die a horrible death. It gets even weirder from there. The urban legend is that Molly's body after she was killed was cut into quarters and buried in 4 separate locations to reduce her ability to...haunt.

The State of Horror website corroborates this part of the Molly Crenshaw legend adding also that allegedly her body parts are trying to rejoin..."they draw closer together - crawling, wriggling, struggling to reassemble into the living corpse of Molly Crenshaw."

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The See A Ghost group in the St. Louis area shared what they believe to be one of Molly's burial places on Frenchmen's Bluff.

If you believe the urban legend, many high school kids throughout the decades annually search for Molly's graves. The State of Horror site added that one of the legends include a couple of Missouri high school football players in the 1950's that found one of Molly's graves and tried to steal the tombstone just prior to meeting their own demise.

I found so many different sites and groups that repeat the tale of Missouri witch Molly Crenshaw. Are the legends true? If you find an unmarked grave in Missouri, best to leave alone unless you find out.

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