It's known as the creepiest urban legend in all of Iowa. It's a black angel that overlooks the grave in a cemetery. If you dare touch it, the legend says you'll die without question.

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Business Insider declared The Black Angel of the Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City as the most insidious legend in the state. The reality is creepier than the stories that have come from this stone figure. The statue was placed over the grave of a young child by a mother in November of 1912. It was originally a brilliant white and gold. In 1924, the mother died and her ashes were spread over this spot. Shortly after, the white and gold angel statue turned a sinister dark black.

The stories then began telling of visitors who would come into the cemetery and touch the statue only to meet their end shortly thereafter.

Roadside America tells of the natural explanation of why this once white and gold statue turned black and attributed it to oxidation. At the same time, they say that The Black Angel is known to become a darker shade of black every October 31. Wikipedia says that it's a ritual for Iowa City kids to gather around the statue every year on that day and some will even dare to kiss the statue just to see what happens.

Go Iowa Awesome adds one more twist to this story. They claim right after it was erected, The Black Angel was struck by lightning. That's truly...shocking.

Does this statue really doom those that touch it? There's no way to know for sure since dead men tell no tales.

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