I come from a family of truck drivers so this is one of those rare internet rankings that I actually care about. Yes, even cynical me can be happy that the interstate that truckers say is the best in America goes straight through Wisconsin.

I just saw transportation industry site Fleet Owner share a new ranking of the interstates that truck drivers rate as the best. They say this is based on data collected by Trucker Path that factored in "parking availability, truck stop ratings, and fuel prices" to decide which interstates were the most trucker-friendly. This is no small potatoes ranking either. The data came from 20 million driver inputs which is staggering.

#1 on the trucker list is I-90 which cuts a swatch clear across Wisconsin. Look familiar?

Mileage Mike Travels via YouTube
Mileage Mike Travels via YouTube

The Trucker Path ranking said that drivers scored I-90 with a 93.5 out of 100 overall which is about as good as it gets, but it's not without its perils. If you've seen the accident reports for I-90 in Wisconsin, you understand it's not for the faint of heart.

There's an associated ranking from Trucker Path which addresses what truckers appreciate the most at stops. The top 3 were abundant parking, good shower and an on-site restaurant which is understandable when you consider how many hours many of these over-the-road truckers spend on the road.

My father-in-law was an over-the-road trucker for decades and he's likely the reason why I try to show as much grace to truckers around me on the interstate. It's not an easy life and I try not to add to the challenges they already face.

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