I cannot say that the word "best" has ever come to mind as I drive down an interstate, but I would agree that some are better than others. No one would know better than truck drivers that just ranked the best interstates in America and one that crosses Missouri was named one of the best.

My father-in-law and several good friends over the years were over-the-road truckers. That's likely why I try to show truckers grace when I'm driving near them on the highway. I share that to explain why this topic is near and dear to my heart.

Fleet Owner just shared a ranking based on data from Trucker Path where drivers named the top interstates in America. This was based on 20 million trucker inputs to make this determination which is impressive.

POV MATRIX via YouTube
POV MATRIX via YouTube

Truck drivers say that it's I-44 in Missouri which is the 3rd best interstate in America with an overall rating of 92.72 out of 100. The factors included available parking, truck stops and fuel prices in the state. Missouri definitely is lower than most states when it comes to fuel prices.

I have driven I-70 more than I-44, but I can understand why truckers would prefer 44 over 70. The number of potholes I've had to dodge on I-70 would make me ding its score.

Who would know interstates better than truck drivers? If they say I-44 in Missouri is one of the top 3 in America, I don't know any "experts" I'd trust more than them.

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