A town was suffering from historic flooding. What some saw as a tragedy, farmers saw as an opportunity to help as many came roaring to the rescue.

The affected town is Sumas, Washington. As KING 5 reported, they suffered massive flooding that destroyed many buildings. However, they were overwhelmed with what they saw as 'angels' who came forward to help.

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The first tragic flood was followed by a flood of a different kind: volunteers.

KIRO reported the flooding as catastrophic while the local community had another word for the farmers: heroic. The flood was devasting to the farmers, too, with many losing cattle and land including the area over the border in Canada. Many were displaced themselves as ABC News reported.

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We've seen it so many times in our area when farmers are more concerned with helping their neighbors than worrying about their own needs. These are the types of stories we need to share more often. We salute them all.

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